INFOLYSiS Survey Service deploys chatbot cutting-edge technology, gathering feedback 24/7 from a global audience, with the most cost-efficient way.

Whether you are a marketing person and you need buyers to evaluate your new product or service, or a travel agent who wants to categorize the customers matching different travel destinations, or a gym trainer, who needs to send different training videos in accordance with the traine's fitness level, and for hundreds other cases, INFOLYSiS Survey Service is the solution.

Be more conversational is the key.

Our interactive service, helps you to collect effortlessly data and insights in a more intuitive and user-friendly way, than online surveys and boring questionnaires.


INFOLYSiS Survey Service, uses chatbot interactive technology and VIBER App interface which both enable the respondent to answer with the most direct, user-friendly and intuitive way, wherever he/she is in the world!


Cutting-edge Communication Tool

The future is now! Use chatbot technology to modernize your business communication.

Power up your Marketing Strategy

Gain deeper knowledge of your target group, realize your strengths and weaknesses, take wiser business decisions.

Customer Segmentation and Profiling

Receive consumers insights and build customer profiles for more targeted communication.

Interactive Communication

The subscriber interacts with the bot and take the survey following a guided conversational path.

GDPR Compliant

The service starts by providing automatically 'Terms of Use' acceptance only with 1 click.

No App Download

Using Viber chatbot interface simplifies the customer initiation process. No need to download a new App.

Direct 24/7 Feedback

The service is available 24/7 and the feedback is received and analyzed immediately.

Non-Intrusive communication channel

Subscriber initiates the service and stops it whenever he/she wants.

Multi-Device Survey

Thanks to Viber, your survey can be easily taken on Mobiles, Tablets and PCs.

Global Survey Campaign

No country limitations! Thanks to digital era, your survey can travel everywhere.

URL or QR code initiation

Phone number or other personal data are not requested.

Short time development

Your survey platform can be ready in no time!


Viber Platform and User Interface

Secure communication with VIBER platform. All chats and interactions are fully encrypted.

Different types of Survey Questions

Yes/No, Rating scale, Likert Scale, Multiple Choice Demographics, Open-ended etc.

Reporting via Analytics Platform

INFOLYSiS back-end analytics dashboard collects consumers insights and provides deeper understanding of the target audience using charts for better visualization.

QR Code or URL initiation

The user can easily initiate the service via a QRcode, using mobile camera or a QRcode scanner App. The QRcode can be colored and have your logo on it. Initiation can be achieved also by sending a URL link.

User-friendly front/back-end Interface

Viber's Interface ensures a user-friendly experience for the subscriber. At the back-end, INFOLYSiS survey Platform allows to easily analyze the data.

Private Channel Option

For long-term subscriptions you can use a channel with your brand's or business' name.


INFOLYSiS chatbot technology is applicable to all Operating Systems (iOS, Android, Windows)


INFOLYSiS Chatbot technology is compatible with all devices (Mobile, Tablet, PC, Laptop).


INFOLYSiS chatbot technology is ready to serve from 1 to million users due to its serverless nature.

CRM/ERP System Integration

Upon custom-development CRM/ERP System Integration is feasible

Common Questions

Everything you need to know before you get started

What is an INFOLYSiS Chatbot?

It is a smart interactive application, which uses VIBER platform, and is designed to simulate human conversation, where the user follows a guided conversational path using text, buttons and emojis.

What is Chatbot communication?

A new communication channel which helps you to reach your audience via messaging platforms like VIBER, by using interactive chatbot technology.

What is Chatbot marketing?

A modern way to efficiently reach your target audience and promote products or services, using chatbot technology.

Is it easy to conduct a survey using Chatbot technology?

Once you have set the survey goals, it is the easiest procedure you have ever involved in!

Why Viber?

In Greece, Viber is one of the leading messaging Apps. Respondents, in their majority are already engaged and feel comfortable with it. Also, Viber is one of the safest platforms, the conversations are encrypted, and it hides the user's sensitive personal data like phone No and name.

How do you reach the target audience to answer your survey?

Easy! There are many ways to promote your survey:

  • Upload the QRcode and the link on your website or your online store.
  • Promote them on your Social Media.
  • Use them under your email signature.
  • Use them in your messaging communication.
  • Print the QRcode on any POS material.

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