INFOLYSiS Messaging Service, gives you a state-of-art solution to develop targeted multi-device messaging campaigns. Communicate with customers or prospects, directly to their mobile phone, without even asking for their mobile number.

If your business isn't using chatbot technology yet and you still deploy fragmented old-fashioned channels to reach your audience and drive sales, now is the time to modernize your communication strategy, with the most targeted, direct, and cost-efficient way.

Be more interactive and develop a fully-engaged customer list.

It is simple, It is fast and you don't need to be an IT expert.


Push up your business communication to the next level and achieve your business goals by boosting up your Sales. Deliver targeted and relevant messages directly on your customer's mobile phone and keep them posted about your products, services and offer.

The most important advantage! Develop a qualified customer database in no time!

Tip #1

Messaging, is a popular business communication tool as it is personal, direct, not expensive, and your message is delivered in a few seconds.

Tip #2

The subscriber initiates the service via a QR code or a URL link and agrees to Terms of Use. The chatbot service is ready to receive messages and multimedia content from your business.

Tip #3

INFOLYSiS Services give you the opportunity to gather consumer insights and achieve customer engagement through interactivity and personalized content.

Tip #4

The subscriber interacts with the service thanks to the chatbot technology. The user follows a defined conversation path, using buttons, emojis and/or free text.

Tip #5

Our service gives you the option to ask profile questions and then to filter them by using INFOLYSiS smart Platform. As a result, you can send your news either to all the active subscribers or to customize the content depending on their answers and preferences.

Tip #6

In Greece, Viber is one of the leading messaging Apps. Friendly environment, safety and encrypted conversations made users shift away from traditional SMS messaging and spend most of their 'texting' time at Viber.


Cutting-edge Communication Tool

The future is now! Use chatbot technology to modernize your business communication.

Multimedia Messaging Service

You can create more dynamic and animated content by adding to the text, URLs and other media photos, videos and files.

1-to-1 1-to-many, 1-to-all Marketing,

You can send massive messages, or you can choose to send tailored content to one or to many subscribers.

Multi-Device Messaging

Thanks to Viber, your message can be easily seen on Mobiles, Tablets and PCs.

High Open and CTR rates

96% of messages are read within three minutes on mobile devices

Non-Intrusive communication channel

End-User initiates the service and unsubscribes without trouble.

No App Download

INFOLYSiS services run through Viber or Web Browser. No need to download extra Apps.

URL or QR code initiation

Phone number or other personal data are not requested.

Customer Segmentation

Our interactive service can collect consumers insights and build customer profiles for understanding of the target audience.

GDPR compliant

The service starts by providing automatically 'Terms of Use' acceptance only with 1 click.

Create Dynamic Lists with Qualified Leads

The service is User-initiated so users are already engaged and attentive. Α good automated messaging scenario can achieve higher conversion rates.

Short time development

The service can be ready in no time, depending also on the needs of your business.


Viber Platform and User Interface

Secure Messaging through VIBER platform. All chats and interactions are fully encrypted.

Reporting via Analytics Platform

INFOLYSiS Back-end Platform collects consumers insights and provides deeper understanding of the Target Audience using pie charts for better visualization.

User-Friendly Messaging Interface front and back-end

Viber's interface ensures a user-friendly interaction for the subscriber. At the back-end INFOLYSiS Platform allows the business to send messages effortlessly to all the subscribers or customize the content and take advantage of the 1-to-1 or 1-to-many Messaging.

QR Code or URL initiation

The subscriber can initiate the chatbot service by scanning a QR code or by clicking on a URL link. The QR code can be colored and with the business logo on it.


INFOLYSiS Chatbot is Applicable to all Operating Systems (iOS, Android, Windows)

Private Channel Option

For long-term subscriptions you can use a channel with your brand's or business' name.


INFOLYSiS Chatbot is compatible with all devices (Mobile, Tablet, PC, Laptop).

CRM/ERP System Integration

Upon custom-development CRM/ERP System Integration is feasible.


INFOLYSiS chatbot technology is ready to serve from 1 to million users due to its serverless nature.

Common Questions

Everything you need to know before you get started

What is an INFOLYSiS Chatbot?

It is a smart interactive application, which runs through Viber platform, and is designed to simulate human conversation, where the user follows a guided conversational path using text, buttons and emojis.

What is Chatbot communication?

a new channel to reach your customers and prospects via a messaging platforms using interactive chatbot technologies.

Why Viber?

In Greece, Viber is one of the leading messaging Apps. Respondents, in their majority are already engaged and feel comfortable with it. Also, Viber is one of the safest platforms, the conversations are encrypted, and it hides the user’s sensitive personal data like phone No and name.

Is it easy for subscribers to stop the service?

Yes! They just need to type 'Delete' and it stops automatically.

How do I promote my new way of communication?

There are many ways to promote you new Messaging Service:

  • Upload the QRcode and/or the link on your website or your online store.
  • Promote it on your Social Media by using the URL link.
  • Add the link or the QR code under your email signature.
  • Send the link through your current communication path.
  • Print the QRcode on any POS material.

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